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    • 16 Jan 2017
    • 31 Dec 2017
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    Getting to Events has never been easier.

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    Every trip has a beginning and ending, and going Metro is no different. So the first step is to decide on your starting point, your destination, and the day and time you want to travel.

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Past events

03 Sep 2017 John Williams Hollywood Bowl Night
23 Aug 2017 Q3 2017 BTC Board Meeting
20 Jul 2017 Summer Mixer at Sony
24 Jun 2017 2017 Person of the Year Luncheon
28 May 2017 2017 Cubs vs Dodgers Game
08 Apr 2017 Day of Giving - LA Regional Food Bank - Registration link in copy
26 Feb 2017 Big Ten Club 2017 Bracket Challenge
12 Feb 2017 Big Ten Club Beer and Bowling
01 Jan 2017 Penn State Pep Rally at LA LIVE
01 Jan 2017 2016 Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon
27 Dec 2016 METRO or LYFT to the Rose Bowl
26 Dec 2016 2016 Rose Bowl Float Decorating
16 Dec 2016 2016 Queen's Luncheon
26 Nov 2016 Rose Bowl Brick Challenge
07 Oct 2016 2016 Oktoberfest at Alpine Village
22 Sep 2016 Networking Happy Hour and Mixer
03 Sep 2016 Hermosa Fiesta Alumni Club Challenge
27 Aug 2016 Cubs vs Dodgers Game
06 Aug 2016 Penn State Orange County Annual Summer Bar Tour
20 Jul 2016 2016 Person of the Year Dinner
02 Jul 2016 Big Ten Club Hollywood Bowl Night featuring the group "Chicago"
26 Jun 2016 Big Ten Club Beach Party
28 May 2016 Big Ten Tailgate and Los Angeles Angels Game
18 May 2016 Q1 Big Ten Club Board Meeting
16 Apr 2016 2016 Service Project: LA Regional Food Bank - Registration link in copy
02 Apr 2016 5th Annual Hollywood Dance Marathon
13 Mar 2016 Big Ten Men's Basketball Championship Gamewatch
27 Feb 2016 Orange County Beers and Bowling
30 Dec 2015 2015 Rose Bowl Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon
18 Dec 2015 2015 Queens Luncheon Tickets
05 Dec 2015 Big Ten Pub Crawl 2015
23 Oct 2015 Oktoberfest at Alpine Village

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