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In Memoriam

Michael A. Gallucci
Purdue Alumnus, Big Ten Club President 1962

The world lost a gentleman on August 4th, 2017.  Big Ten Club President in 1962, Purdue alumnus and overall wonderful man will be missed by those who knew him in the club and during his life. 

Mike and his wife Patricia had both graduated from Purdue and loved being part of the Big Ten Club of Southern California. He was always involved in making sure the football teams were treated well while they were at the Rose Bowl.

Mike and Patricia lived in Mandeville Canyon where she was active in the Beverly Hills social scene. Patricia was also an ardent supporter of the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. Mike was an active member of Westerners, Sheriff of the Los Angeles Corral in 2000 and a member of Zamorano Club.

Mike was an old shoe type of guy, always willing to accept responsibility, one of the 10 percent who always did the 90 percent of making organizations run smoothly. His guidance and smiling face will be sorely missed. Vaya con Dios, Michael.

We honor our members lost and share our stories about them. 

Jim Jacob, Northwestern and Mike Gallucci, Purdue

Two Past Presidents enjoying the 2016 Person of the Year dinner.

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